sasha marie

In the true spirit of music discovery, Sasha Marie builds soundscapes to introduce moods and curate feelings. With a thoughtful and delicate approach, this kind and genuine soul serves as a central point for bringing community together through scores. Sasha Marie's poignant mixes have appeared on BBC 1xtra, The FADER and Hypebeast.

With a deep rooted love of music instilled from an early age by her father, Sasha Marie draws on influences from every side of the musical ecosystem – Amy Winehouse to Flying Lotus, M.I.A. to Billie Holiday and back to MF Doom. Jazz sensibility fused with natural soul and the ability to finesse varied audiences, Sasha Marie's carefully selected sounds position her as the ultimate curator. Well versed in entertaining crowds across the States, Europe, Canada, and South Africa, Sasha stays pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a musical storyteller.

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