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sahar habibi

Sahar Habibi, representing the worldwide music collective, Soulection, has cemented herself as one of the most prominent up & coming DJs in the Chicago music scene and beyond at merely 25 years old.

With a passion direct at an assortment of genres, Habibi treats her listeners to an eclectic library of classical R&B/soul, future beats, modern-day hip-hop, and a deep discovery of edits. Habibi is recognized for the various selections of music she brings out to her shows coupled with her smooth blends and uptempo energy. In 2018 Habibi was selected as one of the two dedicated DJs to spin at Kanye West’s “Wyoming in Chicago” pop-up.

Through her ability to identify groundbreaking music across the globe, Habibi has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with musical artists: Kaytranada, Syd/The Internet, GoldLink, Sam Gellaitry, The Dream, and more. Noteworthy brand collaborations include Red Bull Music, Nike, Adidas, and more.

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